Public Speaking

"Michael Sheehan is able to quickly assess a speaker's strengths and weaknesses – and then raise the level of performance within a matter of hours. He not only makes awkward and wooden speakers more comfortable, he is able to help excellent, seasoned speakers become even better. He's able to meet you where you are, regardless of experience or comfort level."
R. Jeep Bryant, Executive Vice President
BNY Mellon

Team Highlights

Michael Sheehan

Michael has been a leader in the field of communications consulting since 1981.

He has been hired by the Democratic National Committee for every convention to rehearse all speakers, including the party's nominees and keynote speakers, for their nationally-televised convention speeches.

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According to Advertising & Marketing News, "The Book of Lists describes fear of public speaking as the number one phobia in the United States. Yet there is probably no business skill more important than the ability to speak to an audience of any size."

Your position can't speak for itself; you've got to speak for it.

Whether you're speaking before an audience of thousands or just a few associates ... in a sales presentation or a shareholders' meeting ... in a board room or a convention hall ... Sheehan Associates will help you communicate with authority, conviction, style and comfort.

First we analyze your communication skills, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. We teach you communications design – how to prepare yourself for different situations, contexts and forums – so you can always be your best.

Using our exclusive "4x4 metrics" system we'll guide you step by step through all kinds of public speaking, from extemporaneous to prepared texts. We offer specific, detailed coaching and advice for PowerPoint presentations. Finally, there's specialized training for the use of teleprompters or speaking before a large convention hall.

No firm has a more in-depth, practical approach to controlling stage fright or nervousness than Sheehan Associates. We won't give you mumbo jumbo – just practical information on body language, eye contact, using visuals and more.

Whether you're looking for general skills improvement or polishing one specific speech, Sheehan Associates can help you as we have so many others – from Presidents of Fortune 500s to the President of the United States.