Financial Communications

Sheehan helps CEOs of America's most influential companies deal with everything from hostile reporters to skeptical analysts.
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"The Man Behind the Curtain"

Media coverage of business has become ubiquitous – from multiple 24-HR. cable channel coverage around the world to, according to the Columbia Journalism Review, an eight-fold increase in print coverage. Add to that the high-stakes reality of analyst calls/presentations, IPO road shows, shareholder meetings and national conferences. The bottom line is that your bottom line will be increasingly scrutinized in these arenas. And the results can either be positive or positively devastating.

Complicating this is the increasing visibility of corporate officers. CEOs, CFOs and Chairpersons who can communicate effectively can add percentage points to a share price or create similar movement in the opposite direction. This is particularly true in a new executive's first few months.

Sheehan Associates has blended its expertise in message development, media training and presentation coaching into a powerhouse resource for financial communications.

Sheehan Associates is now a "first call" when shareholder value is on the line. We can help:

  • Tighten the message and prepare the messenger for analysts calls.
  • Revise and rehearse the presentations for analyst and shareholder meetings.
  • Prepare the corporate officers for the full gamut of M&A announcements, analyst calls, employee meetings, press conference and news interviews.
  • Fine tune and rehearse the road show until it hums.

When the top corporations in America are serious about those very communications – JP Morgan Chase, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Coca Cola, United Airlines and many, many others – they turn to Sheehan Associates. If the proof is in the pudding, consider this: for the two largest IPOs in corporate America's history (UPS and AT&T Wireless), Sheehan Associates was called to help sharpen the message and prepare the messengers.