Classic Case Studies
Michael Sheehan with President Bill Clinton
"Your message work helped us retain the good will of our customers at a crucial time by providing a coordinated, integrated message campaign that resulted in the savings of millions of dollars."
Vice President Public Affairs
Cox Broadcasting

There is no better way to see what Sheehan Associates can do for you than to see what Sheehan Associates has done for others. Each pillar of our communications training - message development, media training, public speaking, government testimony and crisis communications training - is tailored to your specific needs. To appreciate how Sheehan Associates' training and consulting skills have been adapted to specific corporate and organizational needs, consider these case studies.

Analysts Meetings & Calls

The harsh judgment of Wall Street analysts can send share prices reeling or hinder them from approaching fair value. High-level analysts meetings/presentations and calls require tight content, integrated presentations and compelling speakers. The quarterly analysts calls announcing financial performance and offering future guidance are now as critical as any part of any communications plan. Sheehan Associates delivers on a regular basis as evidenced by the impressive list of clients who have used us for just these opportunities of major importance, including Chevron, Hewlett-Packard, Textron, Phelps-Dodge, Unum Provident and others.

Corporate Campaigns

First Industrial Realty Trust needed to communicate its new story and reasons for growth justifying a more positive valuation of the company. First Industrial turned to Sheehan Associates for help with message strategy and a program to roll that message through every level of the organization. First Industrial experienced a significant increase in share price within a distressed sector. President and CEO Mike Brennan of First Industrial believes, "…. and this is in no small way attributable to the strategic work Michael Sheehan has done for us." Similar efforts have been conducted with National Semiconductor, Textron, Universal Foods and others.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Public relations, legal and financial teams consistently turn to Sheehan Associates to tighten the message strategy, develop the sound bites and prepare the messengers. The apex of such work was the announcement of the $36 billion Chase Bank/JP Morgan merger in the fall of 2000. Executive Vice President Frederick Hill of JP Morgan Chase has called Michael Sheehan's work on the deal's announcement "a model of success from beginning to end." The same can also be said of the high level M&A communications consulting done for Duke Power/Pan Energy, Canadian National Railroad/Illinois Railroad and others.


It tells you something when Michael Sheehan was specifically asked to assist with the message strategy and spokesperson preparation for the two largest IPO's: United Parcel Service and AT&T Wireless. AT&T Wireless Chairman John Zeglis complemented us on being "an invaluable piece of our preparation process." And a multitude of other successful IPO's turned to Sheehan Associates for message strategy and spokesperson training: First Data Corp, webMethods, GeoVera, Ameriprise, Thomson and others.

Public Affairs

Major public interest groups experienced fever-pitched battles on legislative and regulatory fronts as well as for public opinion. National groups such as Planned Parenthood, Handgun Control, National Education Association, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and others turned to Sheehan Associates for message strategy and development, rolling out the message across the organization, and hands-on spokesperson training for lead figures. The results were impressive. Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt told us, "Message development, clarity, and training are critical to our mission. Michael Sheehan taught us message discipline and we can always trust him to provide superb counsel."

Major CEOs & Public Officers

"Rubin's appearance was slated as the kickoff of a week of economic boasting by the White House… [The] idea was to take a usually boring and forgettable document called the midsession review and use its findings to show how wonderfully Clinton's budget was working.

And the strategy succeeded. Stories appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times…"

From Madhouse: The Private Turmoil of Working for the President
Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, p. 138-139

Other Highlights

Of the Washington Post list of 100 Most Influential Public Interest Groups, Sheehan Associates has worked for 48… Of the Forbes list of 50 Most Influential Women Executives, Sheehan Associates has worked with 12…